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After resetting my official GoDaddy contact preferences twice, the texts still came -- which reinforces the outside spam theory. I always delete the message without clicking on the link, but I'll look closer next time at the spelling in the text. Hello all, A couple months ago I purchased a new domain on behalf of a client for their website. After a short while, we started getting calls from web designers offering their services to build a website for the domain. I understand that they obtained our details from who. A spammers dream I suppose. Once I sorted out the privacy of the domain the calls stopped, as the details were no longer available on whois.

I s this still possible? I cannot seem to find the page I previously discovered within the WhoIs directory, where lists of domains and the dates in which they were purchased, are accessible to the public. Or is it an effective way of reaching out to potential new customers? Does anyone have any experience with this type of 'marketing'? It's not too late to add domain privacy, you can do so here: Yes, I added domain privacy shortly after, and the calls ceased. Is there a list of newly purchased domains somewhere in the directory? How are we supposed to believe that.

One day after registration If GoDaddy is selling this information, or notifying spammers of new registrations, then this practice is unethical, and is the equivalent of crapping on us customers who feed you and your families. You should feel ashamed, and not proud of who you work for. Especially considering that we customers DO have a choice of registrars. It's a good point We all know that our contact information can be searched in whois, but how are they guessing our new domain names within a day or two registration? It just seems a bit suspicious to me.

Not only did I get spammed in less than 24 hours, but then they started calling me on my cell phone too The one that GoDaddy has on file. It was never an issue until recently, and I think it smells. Are there any ethical companies left? Either godaddy is selling the info, or someone has developed a way to monitor all new domain name registrations. Within weeks of registering a new name in October and we have more than already registered with godaddy , I started receiving phony billings related to this new account and coming to the email address used to set up the account.

So it is a new situation, not having happened over the last 12 yrs of relationship with godaddy. But there is also no practical chance of someone having plugged in this particular domain name to discover a recent domain name registration. So however it is happening, I think godaddy has a big problem that they better get fixed!

I for one have no intention of paying for a private listing on plus accounts. Plus I am getting more spam messages from jerks. Thank you so very much GoDaddy for violating my privacy and exposing my private email to every igit on the internet. I buy a lot of domains and have bought many from go daddy in the past but I will never buy one again from them after what happened to me in the last 24 hours due to a domain I just bought.

My business office was swamped with phone calls and emails, including a phone call by some dolt who said he was from Go Daddy but who could not get around to the point of his call and then finally hung up. Somebody is clearly getting this info and using it.

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I registered on a saturday, then starting Monday morning I received 7 calls from 7 different cities with 4 different spam texts in one day! Or why did that never happen before? It makes much more sense that Godaddy new customers are targeted because of the success of Godaddy. Those are some valid concerns I can definitely understand. Most of the spying tools often send odd texts on the device for some background functioning.

I've also bought domains elsewhere, never seen anything like this in my life. Your company is done for me, what a fiasco. I just opened a new domain on GoDaddy and since then I am receiving around e-mails and 2 calls every day on my mobile number to offer web development services. Can anyone advise how these people get hold of my details? I tried looking up the domain on whois.

Could it be that GoDaddy is sharing that information willingly or not to third parties? I'm getting spammed several times daily.

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I reported him too! I learned something very important that day. We also have a free people search page. godaddy cell spy format; CIF Realtime display, realtime . With it you can hear every single conversation taking place godaddy cell spy only on the phone itself, but also in the vicinity of the phone.

Blocking doesn't seem to help they just keep using different numbers. It is very distracting to deal with, sadly it doesn't seem like there is anything we can do about it Any advice would be helpful at stopping them other then spending hundreds of dollars on private domains Phone calls have stopped but I am still receiving daily e-mails and I am not clear where these guys get my details from.

If you what personal information of yours is available to others, go to whois. The same thing is happening with me. I got 10 emails this morning asking if I needed SEO or web building services! I also got 3 missed calls at home! I purchased and activated my domain early this week.

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I didn't opt for the privacy. Is there anything we can do to stop this? You could make fake info up although I highly don't recommend it. Plus GoDaddy sends a verification email to the email you put in your domain contact info just to check if you actually own the email. There are a few free websites around offering phone and calling services, one of them is www.

You sign up for free and they give you a phone number which you could input in your domain contact info. As for your email, you could create a free email and use that to verify you own the email. If you want to be professional, I know that GoDaddy gives you free forwarding email addresses with every domain you purchase.

You could have one of those forward to the free email address you created.

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I have been a customer for over 10 years, and recently purchased a new domain product. In 3 days, I have received over spam emails to my account email in regards to this domain, many of which are disguised as urgent. I have also received 6 phone calls, and several pieces of paper mail at my home address. In the last year or so, whenever I've registered a new domain, I got emails with all kind of offers, usually from the same companies but never from GoDaddy.

The Domain Privacy service has appeared only to protect your identity from those who abuse the registration information.

I will never do business with Godaddy ever again. The day after buying and renewing some domains I was bombarded with spam fron Indians wanting to build me websites. In 5 days I recieved 47 emails. Godaddy is done in my book.

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Not one more penny will I spend here! It's just how you deal with them that counts. I just put filters on my email, they mostly go straight in the bin. I had my phone ringing off the hook, I just bought a BT phone that blocks withheld numbers, the ones that try and get clever and show the number, they have to announce their name. I don't know a 'David Beckham' or 'Jenifer Lopez', they don't get through. But they must sit watching whois with a script that see's new registrants from Godaddy and it's jolly time.

Not ever before has my data been misused right after I signed up. I have a private domain and I create a new email address for every site I sign up to. That's a fair question, but the answer is probably a "Why would they need to? It makes much more sense that Godaddy new customers are targeted because of the success of Godaddy. There is software out there that can spy on new registrants.

You can and should report any spam to: There are similar governmental bodies too for other countries. Just search for where to complain about spam. If they get enough complaints about someone, they will close down their server, or account. It even happens here at Godaddy at times. There are quite a few who have been reported for spam, where godaddy has been proactive and closed their service. If you can get a website domain from their email without clicking any links of course , then turn their own weapons against them.

Do a whois and you will find an 'abuse' email to send a message regarding abuse. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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I have all sorts of spam filters set up business email but received about 20 more since I posted this complaint. I am reporting them via spamcop, but I will gladly look into your solution. This has worked very well for us and we have been in the business for some 18 years. We register all websites with a special email address like webmaster yourdomain. I don't believe BestBuy sold the product but the tech had previously set it up for his parents business and I was able to hire him to do the same for me.

You can check it out here https: The email solution is free and all available on your server or with most third party email addresses like GMail and Outlook. Hope that helps and once you set up the email filters you will find many other uses for them too. Its very easy to know which domain registrar a person used in the Whois record. So it is easy to tailor the message to target the person like a GoDaddy customer.

A few of my domains I have to make my details public as part of owning the domain. I do get spam directed at the contact details listed in the WhoIs record for those domains.

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Something I accept because it is part of doing business as a domain owner. I edit the Whois information with an email address, phone number that is unique just for Whois records so my personal information is not listed on the Whois record. That way my personal email, phone number and the like are not spammed by spammers trolling the Whois record database. I am finding the exact same thing, I have had over 50 emails in 3 days and they are actually referring to the domain name so they definitely are getting all of the information they need to spam their services.

Over the years I have had numerous domain names and never experienced this amount of spam before. I don't want hear pseudo reasons for why you're "not at fault". It includes one touch access to call recording, conference calling, eavesdrop, voicemail transcription and flip call features. The app includes a professional company greeting and an auto attendant for call routing, voicemail and call forwarding. You pay as you go by only purchasing the credits you need for your second number.

You can port your existing phone number with caller ID, dedicated voicemail, call forwarding and picture and video messaging. Line2 offers full feature business phone systems for your second number starting with 1, minutes of outbound calling or forwarding. You can get a number in any city in the U. The subscription-free pricing lets you use the number for a single call or long-term use.

The company also provides vanity numbers for your business with calling and texting features. The calling and texting minutes you pay for roll over instead of expiring, and they are good for any LineUp numbers you have. Numbers Plus lets you create multiple numbers and keep them as long as you want. Currently it only supports US and Canadian numbers for making calls and texting. You can try it for free and use the in-app purchase feature for additional time and numbers.

The Phoner app has a random phone number generator to quickly give you a temporary or permanent number. Once you get the number, you can access reverse phone number lookup, phone call recording functions, anonymous texting and calling, along with SMS and MMS. If you make international calls, you can make or receive calls and texts overseas with a US number, with no roaming charges. TalkU gives you a free second number to make and receive calls in the US and internationally.

Call any mobile or landline phone number in more than countries with unlimited free calling and texting between TalkU users.

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Features include Visual voicemail with instant listening, call screens, group calling with free group conference calls, and walkie-talkie. Talkatone gives you a free US or Canadian phone number to make free calls in those countries. Inbound international calls are also free, with monthly subscription fee for making calls to select countries. The app supports ads, but you can pay for the service to have them removed. Swytch has designed its app so businesses can give their employees work mobile numbers, instead of work mobile phones. This is a great cost effective option for many small businesses.

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For the employees it means not having to change personal handset, network operator or SIM card. And for business owners, it means saving on the purchase of increasingly expensive smartphones. Sideline built its business with a free version loaded with features, but now it is only available as a paid service. Still the high-quality features such as auto-attendant, along with standard calling options seem worth the price for many businesses. The phone numbers are available for 31 countries with features including contact management, numbers for specific business use, texting, SMS and more.

Telos gives you unlimited calling and texting with a second phone number. You can get a US phone number in any area code as well as international numbers in several countries. Calls can be forwarded to any landline or mobile number with voicemail, auto reply messages and blocking features. Textfree starts with free text messages, inbound calls and limited outbound calls for your second number.

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It is important to remember you have to use your free number at least once within a 30 day period or the company will reclaim it. You can keep the paid numbers for as long as you want. TextMe Up lets you manage as many numbers as you like and switch between multiple numbers in one screen. Features include HD voice and video calling, as well as group messages with texting, photo and video sharing.

While inbound calls are free, you can only make ad-supported free calls. The app uses push notifications to instantly deliver text messages. You can place and receive calls and text messages to any phone number or SIP device with Virtual Phone. Advanced business call management and routing rules, interactive voice menus, custom greetings, multiple voice mailboxes and more are also available. It includes one touch recording for incoming and outgoing calls, call block and caller ID. The company has different offers to earn credit for free calls, including watching ads, playing games, completing tasks and inviting friends.

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