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How to Tell or Identify If Your Phone Is Tapped By Police?

Went strait to work and strait back home. My husband trafficking charges got thrown out of court. Now they harassing me. Help him out or it will escaltate to someone being injured. The police have a long list of people innocent ones as well that they harass. U need to man up. This is the USA not Pakistani. To which I said ah hell no you called me who are you. Throug this entire conversation I was still in my contact list. My T mobile cell was hanging on the dash.

I received not a one incoming call on this trip. When I returned to the terminal in Al. I went to the house for a few days. When my Bill came in, it had 77 incoming call to my phone. I knew that no one had called me on that trip. So I looked back over my log book. And damn if the Dept. Of Transportation, coupled with the Federal Highway Dept. And I intuitively knew that the Feds were Surveillancing me yet again. I found out most of this through the FOIA.

To try to push me over into any rest area that they wanted to sleep in. Those Federal Road Surveillancing Crews, continued to try and orchestrate my every move, my every stop, my eating, along with all of this, they also tried to dictate my bedtime! All the while, calling me filthy names, and threatening to have me pulled over by the law, or at the next chicken house. They actually did call out a full grown smokie bear in Texas, to make him force me to stop for another 8 hours. They sucked up every bit of charge in my phone, so now it was a wall phone, connected to the charger.

And they managed to do that, while running down an interstate , a few truck lengths behind me. To wind this up. These sins a bitches made me hate trucking, But they succeeded in making me Absolutely, ely detest technology. And if I saw one of them today…. Sincerely, Rhonda Criteria aka Shadow…. I rarely leave the house. Because I believe that they know and cooperate.

I completely believe you!!! Honestly if they are. Its really not hurting me but it is illegal if im not doing shit wrong without a warrant. They have no probable cause with me so if they wanna go to far let me find out about it an Ill be coming into some extra income. She clicked over and heard nothing.

It happened again and when she kept rejecting the call it said I was calling her again. Is my cell phone tapped? Or just an iPhone glitch? It was usually when I and the other person were both on speakerphone, apparently making feedback. Im currently fighting the people your all fighting. Your feelings I feel and lots of the things all of you have said I have said. No one believes this goes on. Stay strong, all of you. Anytime I been going thow the same thing. An no one believes me. My phone will make random calls by itself, and it isnt a butt dial from me.

Also, it takes a long time to get my phone to turn on and to turn off. I feel like I am followed all the time in car and I have actually pulled my car off to the side of the road unexpectedly, to see tbge reaction of the the person following me. The person following me, looks startled and slows down to almost a complete stop. Jokes on them, whoever it is, they are wasting a lot of time and money. They will never find or hear anything going on in my home that is illegal. Hopefully whoever they are, will be monitoring this site too, and see my message…get a life and get out of mine!

T Mobile is charging me for a phone line that they say was active for 5 months. I never had this line but they claim they have records proving it was an active line. Is it likely my phone was jacked hacked or whatever. I am being charged for this LG 10 that I never owned. Is there any way to resolve this issue? Sir kisi be mere call tap ki hai mai kaise hatay I mean to say that unknown person who taps my calls with ceat me please help me sir.

How about if you hear noice while you on the phone talking like wire being cross someone help me please. A lot of times when I send a message after the message sends there will be a blue colored box beaidey message that says sent or send.. Calling or certain people call me so is that signs.? He has a crazy ex, who will not relinquish control, manipulates in ever which way possible, from out talking, threatening suicide, bullying, lying, etc, and prime suspect in an identity theft case in the high 5 digits for a discover card in my name, they never paid me back, shes hated on me since we met over a decade ago, hes used us both to manipulate us both.

And so, I could not claim on taxes! I know who, when, why. Ive known 2 of them for over a decade, he leaves me personal items to make sure I know it is him. He also disabled my landline twice and my house heat, twice, closed my water acct, altered my elec auto pymnt. I stopped writing it all down and started taking pix of the chaos, vandalism and gaslighting. Took 5 trips to the precinct o get a cop to take my report. This response fom city police officers is a national epidemic. Also, know this, not only can they hack into and read every word you say, text or email, listen in through walls, and learn to use more efficiently.

I have a baby monitor outdoors and tons of sensors and some cameras I need to readjust, they have devices to jam your wireless security cameras, put gps locators on your vehicle or use your phone, they can also… hack your key fob and access your vehicle, AND, wirelessly do the same to the chip reader o your credit cards to get the numbers. I believe I have probable cause evidence, but not if a cop says im lying, on his no show, report.

Another bully and punk attitude that must be addressed. Have I made you feel scared? I learned to stop crying in a frozen ball of fear, when I learned the amygdala in the base of the brain is our fear filt, like our liver. I have a lot of time for researching! Am I scaring you? Or am I making you publicly aware that we need to bring this to the light, and out of the dark with a few please here n there on obscure boards.

Or they will dismiss it and dismiss us.

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Now it MUST be made illegal, and anyone involved with the stalkers, must also be held accountable, culpability. We have no human rights, nor civil rights and personal terrorists, because we make perfect prey? Im turning the tables on the low life creepy criminals. I am going to try to find others, I cannot be only one, I want to help empower other victims, and organize them , just enough to get this gigantic, disgusting, shameful, ignored, big ugly ball… rolling!

If punks can buy surveillance equipment, we can buy counter surveillance equipment. Im having my laptops and cel phones wiped to factory reset, and looking for signal interference fabric or already made bags to secure them in. Dead is dead is dead. This is the new, older, Columbine generation of punks clearly, single white males 33 — 43, in my case. That 6 dollar slide bolt, with me inside, is the best friend I have. Maybe, after I catch up on the chaos and can keep them out, maybe I will… but, one chapter of my life at a time and first things first. Please tell others, we are not putting up with this all alone any more, it is us who must change peoples minds, and help change the laws.

Yah, I may be grimms paradigm, but, im gonna be a warrior widow! No BS, im being real with you all. Spread the word, in your area , your state, your police, your internal affairs, your city council, your congressmen, all the way to your capital! This country needs to be destroyed. Hello, I just found this site this morning.

It blew me away. I thought I was pretty much alone. I have been stalked for years. Could be just a ploy to get a take on where my head is at. If I may ask to hear back from you so I know you are real would be a start. To have contact with someone else going through the same shit would be a nice. This name is a raw broad definition.

How to Determine If a Mobile is Being Tracked?

Things like:Battery Drain – is your phone battery running down faster than normal ? This used to be a really strong indicator. Spy apps used to really hog the. Here are some of the sudden changes in your phone that may be indicators of spyware being present on your mobile device.

This term is call Organized stalking or Gangstalking. I was noticing odd things happening to me like my camera opening up and being on the selfie mode when I would not touch my phone. Get odd texts with links or serial numbers. My personal stuff would get posted online. Or a picture would get sent to someone for what ever reason from my phone. I have also been told by a friend its possible and i get strange calls and messages from people live near me or accepted on fb and threats from some.

Because they come up from Mexico and in the U. And these scams where they pretend to be your bank and they need your credit card numbers or bank routing numbers. Get their phone number and reverse lookup that number. Then internet search their names. Then find your little local hacker space and turn over as much personal information as you can to them.

My local hackerspace gives free coding and language classes. And they built little robots and many group activities that are free. There is a big difference in white hat and black hat hackers. Most of these scumbag scammers are from organized gangs. A lot of malwarespyware comes from the Philippines.

Browser hijackers and keyloggers and general detritus on your phones and laptops are the real enemy. You should always clear your browser and search data. And learn as much as you can to keep your computer clean. Change your email address and phone number often. I never keep an email address more than 3 months. And I change my phone number a lot. Also use a VPN. In London , Canada the range of inexplicable activities include activation of your 4G biometric, password protected phone without your assistance.

Turning on the phone, changing radio settings , controlling volumes , activating the camera for multiple shots, or the flashlight as the hacker would need to be within a certain proximity distance. This also included the changing of a radio station setting in my A3 Audi car rental while driving a city street last Christmas. People who have actually broken the law have something to be genuinely worried about when it comes to being bugged or who interact with criminals but other than that there is almost no reason anyone would be doing any of this to you. Firstly, when your phone is being monitored by the police, there is absolutely nothing that you can do.

They need the meta data to determine what the criminals are doing and what they have done. Irrespective of whether you change numbers, phones or countries, you will continue to be monitored. Nobody can help you because the technology is incredibly advanced. Rather than thinking about it, if you can still make calls, get on with your life, and let the police do their work.

If your phone is hacked by police…find something calming to do and detach and hope that someday the criminal investigation will conclude. And if not ignore it. In my case this means: Jeff these people are not paranoid or delusional. Much of what they are saying is true. The tactics used by criminals and police are accurately covered here. When one is in a criminal investigation over a decade or two, one is able to observe technology used to track people and their phones. These victims are experienced observers and deserve respect.

There is also serious psychological impact that results from criminal attack and counter surveillance. Society tends to belittle harassed victims with mental health labels. Sometimes these labels are purposefully applied. Also negligent medical practitioners, following under cover police intervention, play their part by applying incorrect diagnoses.

Authorities do remove people or phones to avoid contaminating evidence and to collect evidence. To those of you who are victims try to stay calm and detach from the phone. In regard to the gang stalking, the technology is extremely powerful and others can be manipulated in an attempt to influence you. Try and ignore it. Alternatively if the police are collecting evidence give it to them. If gang stalking is used to convey information listen to it and follow the advice.

If the criminals are tortmenting you with it, flee and try to find a safe haven. If your country has corrupt leaders and the criminals are amongst them, one day they may be brought to justice.

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Jeff victims of crime are tapped and followed. This does not mean they are paranoid or delusional. Investigations and criminal activity can be excruciating.

Your battery status is being used to track you online

Victims rarely get the support they need and are frequently labelled paranoid or delusional. This is because most people are unable to question or listen to topics that run counter to their own experience. Had never heard of gangstalking but that is what this seems to be….. I will happily speak with FBI, CIA…actually begging for it so that this will stop— told husband years ago that if you are into anything illegal, I will sing like a canary…. How do you catch the gang stalkers…….. Surely, law enforcement knows this…… and now that I have read some of these posts — I mentioned a over a year ago that there always seems to be a hour lag in what I have said in confidence and what my husband refers to….

I would love to talk to you. Wow, I actually had a nervous breakdown over this happening to me back in They shot him in the back completely lied about it lost video. Tried to sue the city with the warrior of the people attorney everyone knows. Guess what I underestimated greed. He totally fucked us. And nobody will even help us. I even have the video. Ok, there are some here that are clearly in need of professional help. But , this IS real, and the majority of this folks are experiencing exactly what they say they are because I am one of them.

How to Tell if Your Phone Is Tapped (with Pictures) - wikiHow

But , for me, I believe in strength in numbers. If there is not a web site for people , like myself, to go to and compare notes , then there should be. But then the question is , how would that work? I know from my own experience that my contact to the outside world is being manipulated as crazy as that sounds. So not being tech savvy at all, I have to ask, how hard would it be for someone to disrupt any sort of web site that would fight this thing.

It would seem to me we need someone that has the knowledge to combat, or at least bring this situation to light first off. If we could some how form are own organization and start putting some resources together, that would bring some ligitimacey excuse my spelling to our plight. I just found this site this morning. I think they overheard me, and immediately it was gone. Also I was on the computer lap top and my internet shuts off and comes back on.

Then it said unsecured network. So it let me know that someone was hacking through my wifi. Also they or whomever tried on one of my other computers, they were uncucsessful, but my note book was shot down, and it said no signal. Does a smart line mean a phone line or some remote line for monitoring equipment? Csuse forever reason, my landlord and neighbors know everything in my apartment. Also, my wired dnoke detector was intermittitantly going off as if someone one purposely pushing the button, like a so signal.. I said out loud, I will sue u for harassing me.

I receive calls on a regular basis from a secure facility. At various times, the calls come to me with several zeros in front of the number. Does anyone know what this means? The calls with the zeros in front are government lines. Humane Services, Courts, Government Facilities, etc. I called the number above to see if my device has been compromised. Does that mean no one is spying? Every time I am talking on the phone to anybody I hear a switch and then a space like echo sound. Then while in conversation and I mention the click sound the sound goes back to normal and there is no echo.

Every time I am on the landline I hear a click then an echo sound. During the conversation I mention this to the person I am talking to and the click comes off and the echo disappears. Does this sound like I am being hacked? Tania, there is a government agency called the NSA that has the ability to listen to any call you make.

This usually occurs at random to make sure your not talking ab drugs, murder, terrorism etc. This is just to keep people safe. Okay this just started happening today. And again it happens.. And a third time! So a little while later my phone rings again. And they are dumbfounded as well..

What is going on? Just wanted to add something else, my friends phone is a landline as well.. And my sister was one of the calls she got.. But it went to my friends phone. Your email address will not be published. What should you do to identify on your own if your landline is wiretapped: Pay attention to the temperature of the battery.

Note how frequently you need to charge your phone. Use a TV with an antenna to check the room for interference. Listen to your phone when not in use. Your phone should be quiet when you are not using it. If you can hear beeping, clicking, or other noises from your phone even when it is not in use, there could be a tapping software or hardware installed.

In particular, listen for a pulsating static noise. If this occurs, it could suggest that the microphone and speaker are active even when the phone is not in use via a hook switch bypass. Any conversation you have within 20 feet 6 m of the phone might be heard. In the case of a landline, if you can hear a dial tone when your phone is on the hook, this is another sign of a tap. Verify the presence of this noise with an external amplifier. Pay attention to the temperature of the battery. Of course, a hot battery could just be a sign that it has been overused.

This is especially true if your cell phone is already older than one year, since cell batteries tend to decline over time. Note how frequently you need to charge your phone. If the battery life of your phone suddenly drops without reason, prompting you to charge it twice as often, the battery might be dying because of tap software constantly running in the background and eating up power. You also need to consider how often you have been using your phone.

If you have used it a lot lately, the increased need for a good charge is probably just due to the fact that you have used more of its power. This is only applicable if you barely touch your phone or have not used it any more than normal. Also note that a cell battery will lose the ability to stay charged as it gets older. If this change happens after you have had your phone for a year or more, it could just be the result of an old, overused battery.

Try shutting down your phone. If the shutdown process gets delayed or cannot be completed, this strange behavior could indicate that there is someone else controlling your phone through a tap. Pay close attention to determine if your cell phone takes longer to shut down than usual or if the back light remains on even after you shut it down.

While this could be a sign that your cell phone is tapped, it could also just mean that there was a glitch in the hardware or software of your phone that is completely unrelated to a tap. Watch for random activity. If your phone lights up, shuts down, starts up, or begins to install an app without you doing anything, there might be someone hacking into your phone and controlling it through a tap. On the other hand, any of this could happen if there is random interference during the transmission of data.

Note unusual text messages. If you have recently gotten SMS text messages that consist of randomized strings of letters or numbers from unknown senders, these messages are a major red flag that there is an amateur tap on your phone. Some programs use SMS texts to send commands to the target cell phone. If these programs are installed sloppily, these messages can appear. Pay careful attention to your phone bill. If the cost of your data jumps up and you know you are not responsible for the increase, there might be someone else using your data through a tap.

Many spy programs send logs of your phone records to online servers and use your data plan to do so.

Older programs used large amounts of data, making them easier to spot, but newer programs are easier to hide because they use less data. If you are already suspicious of a tap on your landline, examine your surroundings carefully. If something seems out of place, like a couch or a desk, do not automatically disregard it as a symptom of paranoia.

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December 31, at 1: Then you must take a hint that someone would like to hack your device to monitor your usage and gain access to some viable data on your mobile. As everyone is solely dependent on the net. August 28, by John Obstander Comments. Pilot implementations in Guatemala, Egypt and China using a specifically developed mobile phone application to collect data, and an online expert survey were completed to assess validity and feasibility of the indicators and their corresponding questions. I want to be able to prove it and then let the due course of the process legally take affect. Comments I believe that my landline phone is wiretapped.

It could be an indication that someone has been snooping around in your space. A wiretapper might move furniture around while trying to access electrical lines or phone lines, which is why this is an important element to note. In particular, look at your wall plates. You should pay special attention to the wall plates around your phone connection inside the room. If they seem moved or otherwise disturbed, they may have been tampered with. Take a look at the outside phone box.

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You might not know what a phone box should look like inside, but even if you only have a slight idea, take a look. If the box seems tampered with or if the contents inside have been disturbed, someone might have been installing a wiretap. If you notice any hardware that seems hastily installed, even if you do not know what it is, you should consider having someone check it out. Take a good look at the "restricted" side of the box. This side needs a special Allen wrench to open, and if it looks like it has been tampered with, you might have a problem.

There should only be one box for your landline number and two cables going to the box. Any additional cables or boxes can be a sign of a wiretap. Tally up the number of utility trucks you see. If you see an increase in the number of utility trucks around the property, this could indicate that those utility trucks are not really utility trucks.

They could be trucks belonging to the people listening in on your calls and maintaining the wiretap.

This is especially note-worthy if no one ever seems to get in or out of the trucks.

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